Although I know I should double cleanse at night, the truth is I can never be bothered.

Which is why I’m such a huge fan of wipes.

But makeup removal wipes can be expensive – up to $10 for a pack of 25.

Cue baby wipes.

With two young girls, one in nappies, I’ve always got them lying around every part of the house.

They’re a LOT cheaper and I find just as effective for removing makeup.

My baby wipe of choice is Curash, a brand that’s been providing expert skincare for over 35 years and have a huge range of products to care for baby’s skin from top to bottom.

Their wipes are dermatologically tested, thick, soft, soap free, paraben free and PH balanced.

Best of all, they are alcohol free – NEVER use wipes containing alcohol on your face as they are very drying and can cause sensitive skin to flare up.

At around $5 for 80 wipes, Curash baby wipes are significantly cheaper than any other makeup remover wipe on the market.

They are available in a variety of packs including Fragrance Free, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Chamomile and Simply Water.

There’s also a Jumbo Fragrance Free pack (for big messes) and for when you’re removing a full face of makeup.

Baby wipes are also great for wiping away mistakes when you’re painting your nails or for wiping underneath your armpits (and in your nether regions!) when you need a bit of a freshen up without a shower.

Curash also have available nappy rash treatments (also great for mums and dads who have chafing), shampoo, soap free bath washes and more.

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